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Benefits of Tendersure Platform

by Samuel Gichohi

Posted on October 8, 2018 at 15:00 HRS

Does your procurement system consist of a piece of paper that’s passed around until it eventually ends up in a dusty folder? Or does your department keep track of everything in a spreadsheet system, that’s just as easily lost in electronic subfolders,if you remember to save it at all? If you're still using the manual hard copy tendering process, it is time to consider Tendersure system which will both put you back in control of spending, and save your company time and money. Here are some top reasons it may be time to move to Tendersure e-tendering system.


E-tendering gives you centralized access to all your data. Track down a Bid, analyze metadata to find areas where you can improve your processes. This could mean tracking areas where procurement process take the longest and could be shortened, vendors you spend a lot of money with (and might be able to negotiate better terms), when to pay invoices to both take advantage of early pay discounts and optimize cash flow, on-contract vs. off-contract spend, and more. The sky’s the limit with what you can datamine.


When you can view all of your Bids for a Tender in one place remarkable things start to happen, you can consolidate similar Bids to take advantage of bulk discounts, you can show vendors how much you spend with them in order to negotiate discounts, and you can see when non-preferred vendors are being used and even put a stop to those bids to save money there, too. This kind of metadata isn’t available with a manual tendering process.


Switching to an e-tendering system can not only save your business time, but most enterprise businesses save a million shilling each year through reduced fraudulent spending, taking advantage of early pay discounts, and reduced headcount. Some companies have saved the equivalent of 2 to 6 full-time positions just by putting Tendersure into place, by allowing their operations to scale, without having to add positions to their procurement department. And with our new Marketplace group tendering platform, you can achieve savings 20-30% less than the manual tendering process. An e-tendering system can revolutionize your procurement process. By switching platforms, you’ll enjoy these eight (and many more) benefits, fewer headaches for your staff and more money in your budget.

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